new year Strawberry Cake!

delectable..indulgent..PINK cake – it’s the sensation my family began this year with!


beat 10-12 Tbsp butter

with half cup castor sugar.

add 2 eggs and beat one by one.

keep the mixer aside. now begins the manual mixing..

add 2 cups refined flour

half tsp salt

3/4th tsp baking pwdr

1/2 cup milk.

then the king ingredient- strawberry crush syrup!!!!! 3/4th cup.

bake @180 degrees C for about 35 minutes.




it requires mettle to get things done NOW and not ‘someday’. there’s grit and determination that make one a go getter. heard of the adage- now or never.. seize the moment.. ?! my instructor at the Military academy used to say- tomorrow is a fine day, but it never comes. and just so elusive is that ‘someday’.
i heard somewhere- when you’re down and out just get up, dress up AND show up! the essence of it all is in ACTION.. prompt action.
my experience of 22 years or rather since the time I’ve come to mature senses has laid bare one weakness that affects people in more ways than one-… PROCRASTINATION. it means having pending jobs up the head that keep mounting and piling up that further lead to mental stress and the ultimately – no fruitition.
if one is prompt, she’s also tension free and she gets things DONE. ain’t that blissful?
now that i am employed and shoulder responsibility.. i shall endeavor (to the best of my efforts) to let go of the bondage or restraints… to be a go-getter!
THAT is my resolution for this new year that beckons another new beginning! cheers.procrastination resized


through the corridors


there’s a crowd full of people

in my place everywhere

with bygone memories i gamble

in the very home we did share.


all the meals and the laughters together

my eyes on lookout for you forever

you’re still here somewhere any corner i stare

your thoughts make me smile through this new fan fare.


amazing isn’t it- how I found you

say ain’t that so true.

why it never felt like you’re a stranger

a chance meeting or luck sheer..


i have no words to describe

no songs to sing

for i’ve lived those days

in the 2014 spring.



What a Woman!


for every time that she gets an untoward look.

being judged for her choice of clothes.

frowns she receives.

her unorthodox opinions.

categorically expected to cover her body.

restrictions drawn upon her.

intentions to contain her escalation.

strengthen her more than ever.

she’s got the grit, the POWER, passion.

she’s relentless and unrestrained.

she’s INDEPENDENT. she’s fierce.

her BELIEF breeds on its self.

CONVICTION propels her every action.

about critics she can’t help care less.

barriers she defies, indifference to convention.

she doesn’t give a damn.

she never has.

she’s INFINITE in her potential.

for the INDIVIDUALITY she manifests, she’s bold and beautiful.


God guide the lost

And I dream on. Unbridled. As I always have- since a little child and till date. But with a difference. Standing somewhere a testimony to the agonizing ‘getting real with age’. When I was small, I had the liberty to fantasize myself. It was all well and accomplishable. I felt like the chosen one- who was born to be so. That thought would make me feel special.

Today, i’m past the leverage allowed to a child. i’m older and find myself at a crossroads. Plethora of options lies ahead for me. Which one would I choose, rather- what option would come embrace me?

Inspire me O God, send a sign from above, a hint in the person I meet today. In the depths of my father’s aspirations- do my answers lie? Is it the experiences which would have me enriched? Such a lovely thought to believe in. take me on an exploration into my being. Help me unearth my passionate longings, my innate colors.

Plunged am I in a self discovery of sorts. Guide me when I digress into what’s not meant to be mine. Save me from self pity when certain paths close their doors, for I know there will be some. Give me the strength then. Bless me with courage if I am to dream like I do. I’ve heard not –of success coming knocking on one’s door. I’ve learnt in fact- of achievement traded for comfort. Strengthen me to take such risks. I fear the comforts of complacency might obscure the true potential I seek. But Let me not fear challenges- neither real nor surreal. For, I’m a dreamer, dream I must!

brown boots

20131202_093746 20131202_093722

The changing seasons bring with them a specific set of mind set to our lives. A particular pair of clothes, a typical mood- luxuries of winter sun, sweet breeze of summer evening, autumn gloom or joyous summer bloom. Winds of change, cyclicity of nature- that goes round comes around. avatars of myself manifest themselves in accordance with the seasonal transition. Till the time they come alive at the needful hour, they lye hibernated within lofts somewhere. Out of access. As the time approaches, I bring them into the light of life, bathe them in blazing sunlight and ready them for their shift of job. Myself, slipping into nostalgia as to the last time that they adorned me- the time I’ve lived and come past. Some sweet, some not so. Wondering what new shall we witness this time round. Together.

Some things seem tailor made for ‘you’. They make one feel like it’s a part of them after all. The size, the color, the timing of you having found it or the person who bought it for you.

One such partner is- My beautiful pair of brown boots. My pride. They’ve earned admiring glances/sighs and lots of “where’d you get these!!?”

For long my boots were a prized possession. No matter what ever new footwear I bought, these would never lose their charm. My mother got them custom made for me from the beautiful hill station of Ooty. After years of having known this, one day- my mother and I sat remembering the scenic valleys and the mesmerizing place that Ooty was when we lived there. She recalled the guy who made me the boots.

It turned out that in the days when my mother lived there as a child with my grandparents, she and her sisters would get aristocratic shoes made from the same family of cobblers who made Me the pair. The cobbler was my tasteful nana’s (grand pa) find. Who preferred getting his beautiful daughters –custom made pretty shoes over readymade footwear. The memory of the same breathes fresh in my mom’s mind. Recollecting the thoughts of her growing up days –they set the benchmark of a life of comfort. She feels nostalgic and content.

That is how when years later she found herself with Her daughter in the same breathtaking valleys, she decided to set my benchmark-of a life of luxury. As a tribute to the tradition, begun by her father.

so, this time round when winters approached- I took my boots out realizing that their value is so much more than it was ever made out to be. they’re a legacy, a family tradition. and together we look forward to this winter.