military training

first time training in a military academy, musings from that period….. (with a hint of optimism and grit of a soldier!)

“i’m breathing in this life..

feeling the high being alive.

paddling my way through soft winds

it’s a strength bestowed by the djinns.

yes, here i am in truest sense..

momentous threshold to the days in defence!

‘one-for-all, all-for-one..

have pulled up socks and intended the pun.

challenging limits, breaking barriers to endurance..

i’ve discovered myself in newer abundance!

the resistless soldier undergoing training,

the parade, the discipline, the officer-like bearing!

in pristinity of pursuit, the focus firmly sits

this is all the glamour and the glitz.

letters from home- uplift, bring unfathomable joy..

mother, father.. I will be the guardian of our sky!” 



tribe affinity!

i, like everyone else have a natural inclination towards all the ‘groups’/ ‘clubs’ / ‘teams’ that i’ve been part of as a student in my school or college days. here’s one jingle i made for our Squadron- CHITNIS at the Air Force Academy! such cheering was a common sight during competitions ranging from swimming to athletics to cross country! they were significant in motivating the youngsters and inspiring the team spirit! #leadership lesson!



“Cheetahs are we ! champions of academy!

synonymous with finesse! say ‘Yellow’ for Chitnis!!”

though this never got rooted twas a lil sophisticated perhaps for all the intense scenarios that needed jeering!

new year Strawberry Cake!

delectable..indulgent..PINK cake – it’s the sensation my family began this year with!


beat 10-12 Tbsp butter

with half cup castor sugar.

add 2 eggs and beat one by one.

keep the mixer aside. now begins the manual mixing..

add 2 cups refined flour

half tsp salt

3/4th tsp baking pwdr

1/2 cup milk.

then the king ingredient- strawberry crush syrup!!!!! 3/4th cup.

bake @180 degrees C for about 35 minutes.




it requires mettle to get things done NOW and not ‘someday’. there’s grit and determination that make one a go getter. heard of the adage- now or never.. seize the moment.. ?! my instructor at the Military academy used to say- tomorrow is a fine day, but it never comes. and just so elusive is that ‘someday’.
i heard somewhere- when you’re down and out just get up, dress up AND show up! the essence of it all is in ACTION.. prompt action.
my experience of 22 years or rather since the time I’ve come to mature senses has laid bare one weakness that affects people in more ways than one-… PROCRASTINATION. it means having pending jobs up the head that keep mounting and piling up that further lead to mental stress and the ultimately – no fruitition.
if one is prompt, she’s also tension free and she gets things DONE. ain’t that blissful?
now that i am employed and shoulder responsibility.. i shall endeavor (to the best of my efforts) to let go of the bondage or restraints… to be a go-getter!
THAT is my resolution for this new year that beckons another new beginning! cheers.procrastination resized


through the corridors


there’s a crowd full of people

in my place everywhere

with bygone memories i gamble

in the very home we did share.


all the meals and the laughters together

my eyes on lookout for you forever

you’re still here somewhere any corner i stare

your thoughts make me smile through this new fan fare.


amazing isn’t it- how I found you

say ain’t that so true.

why it never felt like you’re a stranger

a chance meeting or luck sheer..


i have no words to describe

no songs to sing

for i’ve lived those days

in the 2014 spring.



What a Woman!


for every time that she gets an untoward look.

being judged for her choice of clothes.

frowns she receives.

her unorthodox opinions.

categorically expected to cover her body.

restrictions drawn upon her.

intentions to contain her escalation.

strengthen her more than ever.

she’s got the grit, the POWER, passion.

she’s relentless and unrestrained.

she’s INDEPENDENT. she’s fierce.

her BELIEF breeds on its self.

CONVICTION propels her every action.

about critics she can’t help care less.

barriers she defies, indifference to convention.

she doesn’t give a damn.

she never has.

she’s INFINITE in her potential.

for the INDIVIDUALITY she manifests, she’s bold and beautiful.